How can I find out more?

Either by calling us on 01462 894598 or John 07721 587201 to have your initial questions answered or to arrange a visit at our head office for an informal discussion where you could meet the team, see how the business works in greater detail and even come out with us for the day calling on existing customers to give you a `hands on` feel to the franchise.


How long will my day be?

The hours you work and the amount of days is entirely up to you, it is that flexible. To earn over £600 per week you would normally call on about 25 customers a day, which would mean being out on the road for 5/6 hours. You can of course earn more money if you are willing to work longer hours.

How many sites will I need in total?

Around 300.


How do you allocate a territory to me?

Most of our Franchisee’s want to operate near to where they live, so we let you choose an extensive territory from the areas that are still available. The area will be exclusive to you.


Will I know where potential customers can be found?

Yes. As part of the franchise training, we take you out for the day to show you potential sites and advice on how to place your boxes for best results.


Do I need any premises?

No, this is a business you can easily run from a spare room or garage but some prefer renting a small self storage unit which you can normally get for around £20 per week.


Is this business suited to men, women or couples?

It appeals to people of any age and background who enjoy getting out and meeting people and not being stuck behind a desk. It works very well as a partnership.


If I work all day, will I have to use my evenings to do lots of paperwork?

No. With this type of business, there are very few overheads, very few invoices and, consequently, there is minimal paperwork and administration to complete.


Are there any monthly or yearly fees?

No. No franchise fee, no fees whatsoever. You pay for stock and display boxes only.

Do you deliver the stock to the Franchisee?

Yes. Stock is delivered to you free of charge.

Do you have to do any selling?

No, it is not like `cold calling canvassing`, the local charity appeal and the quality of our sweets are readily accepted. You are not selling at all, you are simply placing a charity box of sweets without any obligation and providing a free service.


Do I need a van?

No, a medium sized car is sufficient.


Do you guarantee customers?

Some companies offer you guaranteed customers to start you off. We don`t, and there is a very good reason for it. The customers they offer you have been canvassed by people on commission to attain sites. It is obvious to anyone that their objective is to gain sites irrespective of the quality of sites attained. We can assure you, you will be taking most of the boxes out after your first visit to them. There is only one way to get quality sites that you know are going to earn you money, and that is to place the boxes yourself.

It is not difficult to gain 15 – 20 new sites a day. Within a few weeks you will have over 200 sites and well on your way to gaining your 300 sites.