Our small beginnings started in April 2008 by John, Keith & Sue, offering sweets and savoury snacks in the work place and leisure establishments from display boxes that promote local charities with royalties from each sale going to the charity. The first charity we supported was Keech Hospice Care. Our first cheque to Keech was no more than £750 from the one area we had established. Within six months we established a second round. During the next 12 months we opened it up to franchises, which resulted in five rounds being established for Keech, bringing in royalties of around £8,000 each quarter. To date, over an amazing £250,000 has been given to Keech Hospice, as a result of donations from sales. 

During our second year, with the success of raising funds for Keech behind us and with the very grateful help and recommendations from Paul Sutherland, the then senior corporate fund raiser at Keech, we approached EACH, Havens and HDH Hospices. They could immediately see the benefits of our model and decided to join us. We took on more franchisees to work the areas of these hospices and bring in much needed funds for them.

Our third year was a fantastic year, which saw the biggest increase in hospice partnerships. This was made possible by visiting every hospice in England and Wales, again with the help of Keech in recommending us. With only one or two exceptions, every hospice thought it a great way to boost their funds and was very enthusiastic in the prospect of joining us. We increased the amount of franchisees to around 60 to cover this major increase.

Our next step took us into Scotland and Ireland where we was joined by the Northern Ireland Children`s Hospice and Aberlour Children`s Charity in Scotland.

Snak Appeal have now ventured into Europe, starting in the Netherlands with CliniClowns Children`s Charity which launched there in Sept 2012 and more recently CliniClowns of Belgium and Clown Doctors charities of Germany have joined us.


We are now the biggest `Cause Related Marketing` company in this type of enterprise in the UK, so far we have donated over two and a half million pounds to Children`s Charities in the UK & Ireland. Unlike some others in this field, we do not cap the amount of royalties we give, the more we sell, the more we give. In these times of recession and cut backs, the regularly raised funds are a welcome source of additional income that is needed every year for the running of the charities. In addition to the funds raised, a heightened profile of the brands through distribution of the boxes to a large number of establishments has resulted in additional donations. For example, some establishment owners are now more likely to support their local charity instead of a well-known national charity. A final point worth noting is the benefit of the quality snacks being offered in the work and leisure places, which is greatly appreciated by all that buy them.

We are very proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. We would like to thank Keech Hospice for initially giving us this opportunity and for their marvelous support and recommendations. We would also like to say a massive thank you to all the charities, franchisees and customers that make this so successful.