Snak Appeal has franchise opportunities available in the Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland (for Northern Ireland please refer to our main UK web pages).

This opportunity would suit either a single person or a couple wishing to build their own successful business with minimum initial outlay and NO FRANCHISE FEE. The area allocated is large enough to create two separate good sized rounds. You will be working in an exclusive area LOCAL TO YOU and supporting the children of Ireland with an achievable net income of €800 plus per week (double for a couple).

Benefits include:

Minimal outlay Own business Flexible hours Ongoing support.

  • No Franchise fee. You pay for stock and display boxes only.
  • No renewal fees or fees of any kind.
  • Investment needed is only €7,923 (for stock and display boxes).
  • Other companies offering exactly the same expect you to pay between €12,000 to €30,000 with renewal fees (please check this).
  • Our sweets are of a very high quality with a larger variety than those of our competitors.
  • Your sales will be boosted by the appeal of supporting LOCAL children.
  • The hours are very flexible while achieving a net income of at least €800 per week once established.
  • Your territory will be large enough to create two rounds, doubling income for a couple.


You operate in your own local territory exclusive to you. You are supplied with the display boxes and stock at a price which allows you to easily earn the above mentioned income. You build your business by simply placing these boxes of sweets and snacks (with an introduction letter from the charity) in any place where there are either people working or customers visiting. This is not the same as `cold calling selling` as you are offering a free service with no obligation. Placing the boxes is easy, generally people are very receptive because of the charity appeal - you can expect over 60% success rate, all you need is a friendly attitude. After you have placed the boxes, you simply call back every one, two or three weeks to collect the money and replenish the stock. It really is that easy.

All you need to start being your own boss is:

  • VAT registration (we require the vat number before we can sell you the stock).
  • Computer with printer. 
  • Reliable medium sized car.
  • Spare room, garage or small rented unit.
  • Small initial outlay for your stock.
  • Internet banking facilities.


We must emphasise, no commitment is made on your part until you are fully confident and are 100% assured of the income you will receive and satisfied with everything that is involved in operating your own business under the guidance of Snak Appeal. You will have `hands on` experience of what is involved by spending the day with us servicing existing customers before any commitment by either party is made. We give continuous ongoing support to all our franchisees.


Although full on-the-job training is given, the work is not hard, needs no experience and the hours are very flexible, easily fitting around school times if need be. The money you earn will be proportionate to the effort you put in. A typical day would start at 9am and finish by 3pm to achieve a net income of around €800 per week or double for a couple operating two rounds within your own exclusive territory. If you put more time in, you will achieve a higher income.

This is a great opportunity for someone to join us and earn a very good income whilst raising money for the children of Ireland and providing a service to customers in their work place. You will find this the easiest way of earning in excess of €800 net per week you ever imagined and for this reason we do not need to `hard sell` this. We have a certain criteria for the people we choose for this opportunity. You must be willing to operate your round full time, be reasonably confident and most importantly be a friendly person with a pleasant demeanor.


One of the major advantages that Snak Appeal offers to prospective franchisees is the local appeal of the charity. Where other companies operating similar franchise opportunities support international charities, we at Snak Appeal have arrangements with the LauraLynn Children`s Hospice that support the LOCAL children of Ireland. The `local` appeal from people buying your sweets cannot be over estimated. It is amazing how much easier it is in placing your initial boxes when people know it is supporting children from THEIR own country.

Another point worth noting is the quality of sweets and snacks you will be placing with customers. No matter what the charity appeal, the product has to be right. Our sweets and snacks are professionally packaged and of a very high quality with a larger selection of sweets than any of our competitors. The sweets consist of well known brands such as Haribo and Barretts and include old favourites like wine gums, giant strawberries, fizzy cola bottles, jelly babies, jelly beans, mint humbugs, fruit chews, black jacks and many more. As well as the traditional sweets we also include luxury sweets such as yoghurt coated honeycomb and chocolate coated popcorn.


Provided you are suitable, we will offer you the chance to join us for NO FRANCHISE FEE. You will also be given a free `start up package`. All you pay for is your stock and display boxes.

You pay for your stock and display boxes ONLY.

Initial cost in starting your business is €7,923 for stock and display boxes

Because the buy in amount is for stock and display boxes only, the initial investment is never lost: it is always there in your business as stock with your customers.

No further outlay will be required except for additional stock. Your business will be financed from your profits after your initial outlay for stock plus your first additional order of stock but as in any business, you will need to support yourself for the first month or so while your business is building.

Some of the other companies offering exactly the same expect you to pay between €12,000 and €30,000 for a franchise fee; initial stock and display boxes (please check this out for yourself). We are more interested in attracting the right type of person for long term rather than making a quick profit from an initial franchise fee. .


Unlike some other companies in this field, we do not rely on a large initial franchise fee to make a profit. Our profit comes from your continuous ordering of stock from us and not from a large initial fee or any renewal fees as some others charge. If you are not successful, neither are we. Basically our profit comes from your success and not from taking your money before you have had a chance to make any. We only make money if you do, which is why we have to help you in every way possible and not just make promises.

Please check out the other companies in this field and see what you get for your €12,000 - €30,000, then come back and chat to us.


There are a few other companies offering a very similar franchise opportunity. Why are we different?

1. No franchise fee or any other fees whatsoever.

2. The charity. All charities are very worthwhile supporting but you are looking into this venture as a business to earn a good living as well as being ethical in how you earn your money. The charity branding on your display box is absolutely vital in placing your boxes with customers. The more supportive people are of the charity, the more chance you have of placing your boxes. Few would disagree that supporting LOCAL children tugs at more heart strings than any other type of charity. It is not only the fact of it being children that has the appeal, it is the LOCAL aspect of it. Because of this, you will find it much easier in placing boxes than any of the other franchisees representing other charities.

3. Product. We boast that our products are better than others in this field. We know they are better and proof it to prospective franchisees. Our Chocolate Raisins, Nuts and Chocolate Popcorn are real milk chocolate. Look closely at the ingredients of the other companies, some have chocolate flavoured sweets. Our other sweets are also of high quality with branded names. We also have more varieties with almost 60 products to choose from.

4. Packaging. Packaging is vital in selling. Our packaging has been designed to attract and sell. It works.