A point worth noting is the quality of sweets and snacks we place with our customers. No matter what the charity appeal, the product has to be right. Our sweets and snacks are professionally packaged and of a very high quality with a larger selection of sweets than those of our competitors. The sweets consist of the well known brands sourced from Europe only. They include old favourites such as wine gums, giant strawberries, fizzy cola bottles, jelly babies, jelly beans, humbugs, fruit chews, liquorice allsorts and many more. As well as the traditional sweets we also include luxury sweets such as yoghurt coated honeycomb, chocolate coated popcorn and others. At any one time we have over a quarter of million bags of sweets in stock available to our franchisees.

Here is a list of some of them

Healthy Snacks:
Mixed Nuts & Raisins                              Choc Peanuts & Raisins
Honey Chilli Peanuts                               Yogurt Raisins & Cranberries
Salted Nut MIx                                         Just Fruit
Hummus Chilli & Lemon                          Quinoa Chilli & Lime
Hummus Sea Salt                                   Quinoa Sour Cream & Chive
Lentil Creamy Dill Chips                         Salted Popcorn
Gluten & Wheat Free:
Just Fruit                                                 Cashew & Coconut Flapjack
Summer Berry Flapjack                           Apricot & Almond Flapjack
Sweets & Snacks:
Chocolate Brazils  

Milk Choc & Yog Banana

Fizzy Octopus                                                                    

Milk Choc & Yog Raisins                        

Fruit Chews

Giant Strawberry

Chocolate Éclairs

Chocolate Peanuts

Chocolate Raisins

Jelly Babies

Jelly Beans

Strawberry Cables

USA Hard Gums

Wine Gums

Yoghurt Honeycomb

Chocolate Popcorn

White Mice

Foam Bananas

Foam Shrimps

Vanilla Fudge (wrapped)

Brown Gems

White Dazzlers

Fizzy Dummies

Fizzy Cola Bottles

Milk Shakes

Milk Bottles

Dew Drops

Assorted Jelly Mix 

Fruit Pastilles  

Midget Gems

Liquorice Allsorts

Dolly Mix

Soft Mints

Small Pear Drops (unwrapped) 

Sherbet Lemons (wrapped)

Barley Sugar (wrapped)

Chocolate Limes (wrapped)

Mint Humbugs (wrapped)

Rhubarb & Custard (wrapped)

Aniseed Twists (wrapped)

Blackcurrent Liquorice

Pontefract Cakes

Chilli Rice Crackers

Cheese & Poppy Seed Hexabites

Bacon Tasties

Bombay Mix

Mixed Nut & Raisins

Just Fruit

Chilly Coated Peanuts

Tropical Mix


Mixed Biscuits

Fried Eggs

Strawberry Kisses

Mini Tomadoes  

Cola Bottles